Benefits of using Hoffman and Pomerantz, LLP/

  • We do the vetting and recruiting
  • Access to our database of thousands of pre-screened attorneys
  • Online user-friendly system to manage all service requests
  • Reasonable rates
  • Automated billing
  • Available on an emergency basis
  • Our client’s satisfaction is our priority

Why use Hoffman and Pomerantz, LLP/

Reasons to use Hoffman and Pomerantz, LLP/

Calendar Conflicts
  • Has your personal and work calendar ever conflicted? Have you had more than one case in different court locations require a court appearance on the same day?
  • Ever have a case that required your traveling out of your area?
  • Has there been a deposition that was located in another state that didn’t require you to personally attend?
  • Did you ever turn away business because it was too much or was not geographically suitable?
Unforeseen events and emergency coverage
  • Has a client or even a family member asked for your assistance at the last minute?
  • Has a family matter come up that requires your attendance?
  • Have you been too ill or has your plane been delayed or cancelled?
  • Yes, a vacation – you can take a vacation with Hoffman and Pomerantz, LLP.