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This area is ONLY for Current Clients of Hoffman and Pomerantz, LLP

Activating Main Account:
First step is to activate the main account. You simply enter in your account number, confirm your identity, and then enter an email address and a password to activate the online account. The email address and password used to activate the main account becomes the administrator for the online account. During the activation of the main account, you will also be asked to activate the Associate (user) Account during this step. The Associate Account is a ‘user’ account that is required to submit, track and manage all assignment requests.

Activate Associate Account:
Once you have activated the main (admin) account and the related Associate Account, you can then activate any additional Associate (user) Accounts. This step will require that you know the Associate account number assigned by Hoffman and Pomerantz, LLP.

Create an Associate Account:
If you would like to create a new Associate Account (user), you can submit a request for approval. Once approved, an email will be sent to the new associate to activate the account.