Appearance Attorney

If you are considering the opportunity of joining our team or are considering using our service, please take a moment to review the testimonials of the some of the attorneys who have been part of our team for over a year.

Working with Hoffman and Pomerantz provides excellent training for any litigator. You get to know the courts, the judges and the clerks. It’s a great experience.– Robert S., Attorney At Law
Team Member: 5 yrs

I have worked with almost all of the appearance firms in California, and Hoffman and Pomerantz is the most professional of all of them.  I actually stopped working with some of the others because of how they ran things. Hoffman and Pomerantz actually understands the point of view of the appearance attorney. A lot of the other appearance firms leave you hanging out in the wind.  Their attitude seems to be:  we got you your assignment, now make the best of it.  They’re just trying to create a billable event, and are not concerned about the best outcome from the assignment.  If they didn’t get you the right information or all the information you need, or they weren’t clear about what the client wants done, they don’t really care; it’s your own problem.  And of course, you get blamed.On the other hand, Hoffman and Pomerantz really works with you. The client is very important to them, but so are you, and they balance the needs and the interests of all the parties involved.  They try to keep their attorneys happy as well as their clients. They are obviously interested in a long-term relationship with their appearance attorneys.  Many firms don’t care about you, but Hoffman and Pomerantz clearly does.

Eric B., Attorney At Law
Team Member: 7 yrs

I’ve been making appearances for Hoffman and Pomerantz for about eight years. It started as a good way to get into court system and get in front of the judges and practice, and now it enables me to spend time with my little girl.  They are a very reputable firm, and they care about doing the job doing right for the client.  They’re very good about communication, especially if there’s every an issue or problem.  Their staff is wonderful.  And they’re fun to work with.– Antoinette J., Attorney At Law
Team Member: 8 yrs

I’ve been making appearances for Hoffman and Pomerantz for about 10 years.  I like the way they operate. They’re very well organized and always send the right paperwork.  If the instructions aren’t clear, they’ll clarify them and make sure that their clients get what they need.  And they pay on time as opposed to some other services I could mention.I particularly like that they let me talk directly to the attorney of record. There are some services that do not encourage that, but it’s a much more efficient approach and it serves the client better because their attorneys know best what the client wants or needs.

I went to law school later in life and was a building contractor at the same time.  I started doing appearance work to get some experience but still have the schedule flexibility I needed as I was winding down my construction business.  And it was a good way to get my feet wet in law.

I’ve stayed with it because I enjoy the courtroom more than being in an office.  The courtroom is my theater; and appearance work also requires me to think on my feet. Plus, I get the benefit of knowing all the courts the clerks and the judges; and because of that, I can get a lot of things done.  It’s very satisfying.

I’m usually in court 20–30 times a month, though the frequency varies. What’s really great is that I’m now in my sixties and nearing retirement age, but I’ll be able to do this kind of work for the next 30 years.

John D., Attorney At Law
Team Member: 8 yrs

I like appearance work because I enjoy going to court, and I like working with people and with the judges and their staff.  I’ve been working with Hoffman and Pomerantz for four years or so. What I like best about working with them is that their staff is fantastic. I’ve never had anything but a positive experience with them. They are the best. The firm also has a different type of client base than other appearance services, and they’re better than any other firm at providing full information on the cases so you don’t look unprepared when you’re up there.  Here’s an example: right now, I’m doing an unlawful detainer case; it’s a motion for foreclosure; the information packet and paperwork is all correct and it’s so complete that I don’t even need to call the client.Steven S., Attorney At Law
Team Member: 4 yrs

I love Andrew and Gary; they’re really good guys.  I’ve been working with them for about four years.  It’s the perfect part-time job.  I do their civil cases in this area and I know all the judges and the clerks. I also do depositions for them.  They treat me very well.  The way they run their business is different from other appearance firms, because they will put me in direct contact with the attorney of record so I really know what’s going on.  Some other companies don’t want that, but the open communication works out well.  And when I need something, they are so nice and will try to get me anything I need.  It’s a great gig and I love it.– Maureen B., Attorney At Law
Team Member: 4 yrs

I enjoy appearance work and it also allows me to spend afternoons with my disabled child.  I’ve been working with Hoffman and Pomerantz for years. I appear for them just about every week.  I work for a number of appearance firms, and find the Hoffman and Pomerantz staff always pleasant and helpful. The firm is very professional, very businesslike, very efficient. They make it easy to work for them. The thing about appearance work is that we’re only as good as the clients let us be.  Because the firm almost always provide sufficient information, they help me be good at what I do.–Stanley L., Attorney At Law
Team Member: 7 yrs

I really appreciate the professionalism of your firm.  The staff is great and really cares about the work they are doing – not only the attorneys they are covering appearances for, but the appearance attorneys’ needs and integrity as well.  Furthermore, your checks go out like clockwork, which is so refreshing in this hustle and bustle business.  Thanks for all you do.–Victoria C., Esq.
Team Member: 4 yrs

I believe that I got my new job because of the experience I received working for your firm and because I appeared for my new firm on many occasions and the hiring attorney recognized my name. I enjoyed working for you as an appearance attorney and will miss hearing from you daily, and the variety of work that you gave to me.   I want to thank you for the confidence that you showed in me, allowing me to learn this area of law and provide services for your clients, as well as supplementing my income.  I will always owe you a debt of gratitude and appreciation.–Paul G., Attorney at Law
Team Member: 2 yrs