Research & Writing

One primary reason attorneys outsource legal research and writing projects is time. Unfortunately, lawyers are not always in control of their own schedules. Frequently, it seems that everything must be done at once.

As you manage every other aspect of your case work load, you may find that comprehensive, in-depth legal research and concise, well-reasoned legal writing are just too labor-intensive to take on yourself. Outsourcing enables you to handle particularly busy periods without having to hire an employee or face time pressures that lead to attorney stress and burnout.

Outsourcing legal research and writing on a project-by-project basis is cost-effective and an efficient way to manage your time. To hire an associate, would require a significant investment in both time and money. When you outsource legal research and writing projects, you pay only for the time it takes to complete the project, but when you hire an employee, you immediately add to your fixed expenses.

A lawyer who concentrates on legal research and writing can often accomplish those jobs more efficiently than a busy practitioner who may not be as familiar with the available resources or as experienced in searching large databases for sometimes elusive answers.

Additionally, attorneys who do not regularly do research and writing may not have ready access to research materials when they need them.

The Process

  • Submit an Assignment Request via our Online System – If you do not already use or have an online account, you can contact our office for assistance and account activation.
  • Define the Scope of Your Needs and the Project As part of the Assignment Request you will define the project by providing your needs, expectations, and time constraints.
  • Fee (hourly or flat) Quote and Approval Once our office receives your Assignment Request and has reviewed with one of our attorneys, you will receive a fee quote and then have an option to discuss the assignment with the proposed attorney. If you approve, then the process will go forward with Assignment Confirmation and commencement of Project. If declined, you can then request that we locate another attorney or cancel your request at no charge.
  • Communication Once Approval is received, an Assignment Confirmation will be sent to both parties and then communication and document exchanges will occur between you (our client) and our assigned attorney to your project.
  • Time Sheet Submission and Payment – Our attorney will submit a Time Sheet to our office on a weekly basis if any billable hours occur in a given week. The Time Sheet will consist of time spent and a description of work product. All exchange of documentation will occur between you, our client, and the assigned attorney. Our office will then provide and invoice and copy of the time sheet to your office for payment approval. Payment cycle and arrangements will be determined during the account set-up or approval stage.