Our Business

weappear.com is an invaluable resource for effective time management because of the considerable  efficiencies and cost savings provided by outsourcing certain types of appearances. Why spend your time and resources searching for an attorney to appear for or assist you with your needs? weappear.com has spent years developing and building its service to assist you.

weappear.com attorneys can appear on your behalf and can cover any appearance requirement including court appearances, depositions, arbitrations, mediations, and administrative hearings. Our services include almost any situation where an attorney might appear with or on behalf of a client, with the added advantage of being able to provide local counsel throughout the U.S

weappear.com has a national reputation for providing high quality service, exceptional reliability and excellent results in both civil and criminal matters.  With over 12 years’ experience and more than 250,000 appearances, we guarantee our service.

weappear.com is not a referral business.  We are a law firm run by attorneys, which accounts in large measure for the outstanding level of service and satisfaction we deliver to our clients and their clients.